Website Maintenance Services

OctactTM Solutions is the perfect website maintenance company for your online business to get to that next level of success. Many people make the mistake of having a website created, and then think the job is finished. Websites however like every other aspect of your business, must be kept fresh, with current content and should be checked regularly to make sure that there are no broken links or other code issues.

If you are running an ecommerce website, most likely you keep your product up to date, removing sold out items, and adding new stock as it arrives. It is just as important to keep your outer static pages updated. Show new product and change with the seasons.
Many people ignore website maintenance, thinking that it is a large expense that they really cannot justify, or they do not feel confident to make changes themselves and do not realize that there are professionals out there that can do this job for them.

Most reputable providers will offer the following when courting new clients:
1. Find Out What Services We Offer:
Each website maintenance company will likely offer very specific services, and the ones you'll generally profit from most include search engine optimization (SEO), link building, social media optimization (SMO), and keyword analysis. In some cases, your company may be in need of a service that a company doesn't offer. This is why determining how the web company will maintain your website is very important.
2. Routine regularly scheduled software upgrades:
This feature helps because Internet predators are all the time learning new ways to crack systems and hack their way into stealing yours or your customers' personal information. By making use of regularly scheduled software upgrades and updates, you keep the bad guys guessing at all times.
3. Virus protection:
Viruses are not exclusive to your personal computer. Websites can become subject to them as well, and when that happens, it can become about more than a simple inconvenience. It can become a significant setback that threatens to derail the reputation and operation of your business for weeks at a time.

At OctactTM Website Maintenance Services we know the value of time and money that are invested to us is accountable we present plans that take care of bankable hours, online ticketing system, time tracking system.

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